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Roads protector Angels

“I have one very strange case in my life. That time I was student and studing univercity. From univercity we was at the Ozaani in practice.

I whit my frend driwe back at home. Near Ozaani road was go in the forest. When we are drowe there, suddenly ardour was turning and transform in the men. He dressens in the fabric. A man was standing at the front. We stop the car and start crossing. That time we don’t have any fear. That time there was go away enother car. I don’t know what they see or not ardour men, but I see what they are looking our direction. After 30-second ardour was turning once again and ardow man go down in the earth. We seat in the car and drowe away, then we see what that car was crashed whit enother car. We have sutch emocion what we don’t stop the car. After we rerget what we don’t help that peoples, but we decide what someone else will help him.

Afret how I hear that strange creatures very often see drivers and they name is “Road protector angel””