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Georgia: Contacts whit ET-s

"That happen 3 years ego. Was summer, 3 July. At the home was sleeping 6 people. I can't tell you that was dream or not, but how I hext undestand it isn't dream.

At the night was coming two ETs. They were dressed in the black clothes. Glass was so polish what I can't see his face. They are talking whit me in my brain. They show me quadrangular picture. There was draw spiral.  After that they told me what that equipment they instaled in my body at the right side. And whit this device they can to made contact whit me. They also told me what that device is so small what any our equipment can't locate it.

Meybe I decided what that was dream, but at the second day I feel scratching near stomach. When look I very surprised. There was scratched figure 2725. That was draw so nice what humen couldn’t to do it. That sees all my frends and all my family."