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What sew "Habble" and what sew I!

(Fragment from notes)

"Again some time ego, (I don't remember dates) I saw 5 star, as if I am small girl and be in my old houses yard. Voice told me – That is your familys stars; I ask – Which is my star – Yours are biggest – Was answer.

Next I saw some enother stars. They was so big which my. I ask – My star like them, but I am not so big persone how they and why? – Look better! – Was answer. I looking good and sew what my star was blinking and they don't. I was offended, what my star don't lighting continous. I ask what my star is lighting all time; No – was answer - Your fate was "so blinking". Next from my star was droped beam from my legs – I know what Tbilisi was ruined and I ask him: Don't destroy Tbilisi. Beam was lifted. Some time ego it comes again, but its droped at the Sout – west direction.

Tree days ego was ruined Turkeys Sout. After that I know what humens life was engaging stars.

After that I see that what see Habble at the 1994 years December. And what I see two ears ego.

Was 1991 years December or 1992 years January. At the midnight I feel what I flying over at the sky. At the right mens figure was following me; I can't see but I know.

We flying over clouds and are going more and more hight. Sky is fill from satelites. Some are moving some be stoped.

Men told me: see how is rubbished sky. At the front I see stars assembly. It's like sity, which was moving. Stars’ lighting was writing some hieroglyph, but I can't read it. I remember one what lifes hearths were some houndred stars. I come back. I remember what at my childhood I sew that beautyfull dream very often.

Tree or four monts ego that repeated. That time following women. I don't see but I know how her is looking. She is tipical evropean; short blond hairs, big honey colored eyes and short streight nose. She is very high and dressed military like closes.

She told me some about our rubbished sky. We passed that plase where I was before that and we are more hight. From there I can see more good that stars assembly, which like sity. That assembly was writing something, but I can't read. I undestand one there is one united sivilizacion, moving and light. I come back again.

Some mont ego I third go there. That time following man. He was talking whit me intuitive. That time we are going more and more hight. In III-d stage. I think what world was divided at tree stage. (Tree sky – how Bible told us).

We are stopped near some thousand stars. That star was made assembly - near universes border. Stars lights beams’ crossing was made some stages. It was five or six; they are different thickness and different brightiness. That was very bright light but don't peined my eyes. All that likes an ice sity.

I hear: You see how big life hearth is. They talking whit me in my minds and I can see all it in my minds. They want to see me what that is united sistem;

I asked: Is that a sity? How can to be one sity so many stars?

For good undestanding they come my at the first uppest stage. Thare was nonusual lighting, how I be at the crystall, nonusual lighting, how iluminacion. There was moving something; I fill different warm and clamness. I expectation someone, noone come, but I fill life. I can't pass all it because I havent sutch words. Next I go back in the firs position. All srats was lighting at the left side. Their lighting was paralel, beams which searchlights were paralel. Those stages were lighting whit-crossed beams.

Paralel lighting was disapered, but stages lighting was stayed; next all of them was lighting at the right, next up and next down. But stages were lighting all time.

In the left down side I saw big black mass.

I ask - So big light, so big lighting, that stages and that paraleled lighting whom is its entire owner. Who lead it or what meaning all that?

I turned right: I saw very big old mens body; it’s composed whit skin colored stars. He hed different - round forehead.

Men was so big, how stars assembly. Voice forestalls me what I don't spack about it one year. Next all universes was reduced and I saw what was where. Next its me forestall what if our earth don't unite whit this bright assembly then its anihilated, because we attracted very mutch whit this black cloud.

That caleidoscopical lighting was created, what repel black cloud in all direction and went it away from universe in the black infinity.

All universes unite whit lighting and you must unite whit us. I asked: How we can to do it when eatch is on other side of the universe. That time in the left side was lighted 4 or 5 stars. They whit lightin unite to assembly."