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Night guest

ďThat happen at the 1996 years December. I am ill and was lieing at the bad. I lieing near window. At the 4 AM I close window.

I aslipe frome cold. Was 4:45 AM. From me at the 1 meter was invalids chear and there was standing srtange figure. It was dressed how astronaut. There was very dark and I canít see his face, but I remember what itís dess has blue color. I arise what see it better, but itís disapered. That time I see moon like fired thing, which was hanging at the 3-4 floor altitude. I call ETís what they can come, but UFO was at the one second fly over horizon.

At the second dey in the TV I listeh what in the some different countrys was seemed UFO.

There was one very interesting thing. Before that case in our house was poltergaste activity.Ē