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How starting contact

ďThat happen at the 1976-77 year. Was dark I drowe back at the Tbilisi. I was near sity, when see cone like orange light, which was hanged at the air. I soted the car and start looking.  I am looking and was wonder what how our sincist made sutch big object, which was hanging at the one place and not make a noice. I was lokin very long time. Suddenly object tilted and in the one second goes away. After that I wondered more, because I canít belive what our sincist can made sutch things. That time I donít know what is it UFO.

Passing time and nothing strage happening at my life.

But after 1991 years 9 April (That time in the Georgia capital Tbilisi Soviet army scratter demonstration and kill 9 citizen. Too many people was poisoned whit chemical weapon what using Soviet solders. That was very big tragedy in the Georgia) I was at the hospital and there startind some very strange thing. My biological electicity was increased very mutch. I can whit my hends cure peoples. Doctors were very surprised. I canít to work whit every patient what wthit me was some transparent crerature. I feel it and try to see it. That time blood was pushing my neck and I gasping.

Passing time and that cearture shove my what I must be extrasens. I donít want it and I am opposed.

Some time ego I have vision where I see phone number. I canít decide to call on that number, because I donít know what I must to talk. But I decide and call. After, that strange feeling go away from me, but I can to tell you what that strange creatures are whit me all time.Ē