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Balls like lighting

Shalva Avsajanishvili

“1977 year I am working at the camp “Ailama” (Svaneti, Georgia). In our group were students from Leningrad. We are going on the peak “Shara”.  Bed wether was. We stoped and pitch camp. All metalical things we are buty at the 30 meter from camp. We are plaing cards. Suddenly I saw fire like ball, which was flying. It’s coming. I forectall all what they must don’t made any voice. First it’s touch tent. Burn one side, next burn another side and continue moving. That times no color and no spahes was changed. Its fly over and disapered. All time I don’t hear any voice. Next when we see canned goods, they all was breached. All metalical things were welded. That’s very strange what there wasn’t any voice.”

Archil Elishvili

“Was 1943 years December. From mont which was near Goristsihe (Georgia) come fire. Its fall into “Cvert-Vakis Agdgoma” church. Fire lighted everything and doesn’t make any fire.

1953 year. We get alpinism and are near lakes; wich was near Kazbegi (Georgia). At the 3 AM we started. Good wether was. We all are looking in the sky (That is alpinists habit). Suddenly over mount “Kurio” fly over red ball. It’s stoped aproximately one minute and disapered. Its color was very dark red.

1966 year, July. We was camping in the gorge “Had” (Kazbegi, Georgia). At the midnight I go out from tent. Was reining, I look at the sky, next take stick and suddenly its made green lighting.

1976 year, August. I whit my group going on the pick “Okros Cardahi” (Svaneti, Georgia). I lead group. Suddenly we all fell weakness in the knees, but we don’t stoped.  That time all my hairs standed up and so what lift my cap. I tuoch hairs and it was sutch wires. I had headache. I touch my hair and they like wires. Next I lift hook over my head. It’s started to make welding like voice. I was forced to go back. When clouds was gone, weakness disapered and me continue way.