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ET-s secret airport be from Tbilisi in 25 miles

Konstantin Finterlo (Interview)


- Kostantin, who is your guest?

- My frens are from Swans constellation. They are evolution six race.

- Why they are come in the earth?

- That is very long story, but I try to tell you its short. Some ten million yaers ego in the space was very big explosion, which was made “anticiclone”. That anticiclone was gone very far from explosion center. There were some planets, which wasn’t destroed. One of them was creater’s planet, which has name – “Fire planet”. Passing time and everyone fill, what is very big posibility what ciclone will come back and destroy all life.  And that direction where will come ciclone Creater made sun and another stars because his planet must survive.  Time passed and life on eart and enother planets developing.

Fire planets pipole fill, what come anticiclone, they send their representatives in all galaxy. They made ET-s bases and start to control space.

- What you can tell about ET bases on earch?

- On the earch is tree base. One is it the Tibet, one in the Altai and one in the Georgia.

- In the Georgia?

- Yes, form Tbilisi 25 mile. This base is under earth and there are four civilizacions crafts.

- How I know you can to call Et’s?

- I can to call ET and their crafts. At 1995 years September I whit my frens try to call UFO in the botanical garden. And 3 hours ego in the sky was hanged craft, which was invisibile and after landing it’s materialized. It has 8-10 meter radius and has egg shape. After landing was appear door. Inside wasn’t anyboby, but I can see tree armchairs and some equipment pawements. I ask - Can I see theirs planet? They ansvered what I can to do it only on astral plane, but they can to see me NY. I want to do it, but my frends was scared and they don’t allow me to do it.

- What you can to tell about paralel worlds?

- On the erach was six door from pass into enother world, but humen can’t to undestand it. One that kind door is bermude triangle.