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UFO over Chalaubani

1982-1983. July, Chalaubani Village

In 1982 or 1983-s July I went to Telavi (City in Georgia) on the train. In the evening, approximately at 10 p.m. the train was stopped in the village of Chalaubani at the station. The weather was good and the sky was clear. When the train started passengers were talking loudly.  They went to the train's left side. I asked - what is happening? One young man answered - There is something round flying over the village. I looked out the window and saw a strange round thing.  The objects altitude was approximately 150-200 meter.

The flying object was round and looked like a white light. Around it was a dark line with a width of approximately  20-30 cm and on the end of the object right side. was a comma shape. The object's height was 5 - 6 meter and width 4.5 - 5.5 meters.

The object was flying 600 - 700 meters from us and it was moving on the train's parallel course. I had the impression that it was following the train. We watched it for  7 - 8 minutes while we were moving. After that the object flew over and moved on the train's right side. All the passengers then went to the right side of the train. I also went to the right side and saw the object for 3 - 4 minutes. After that the  object went towards the village of Kardenahis and hid in the mountains.

Revaz Chrilashvili