Plasma-like UFO over Tbilisi

Plasma-like UFO over Tbilisi
7 October, 1999. 7:00-8:00 PM. Tbilisi, Westward from Didube highway.

First to see the object was a Policeman, who called the local newspaper editor and reported that something unusual was happening in the sky. Three bright round things were flying in the clear evening sky.

When reported Irakli Gedenidze arrived there, there was nothing unusual in the sky. He took a camcorder and started recording. Suddenly to the north in the sky there formed fire-lead colored clouds, and to the west in the clouds there formed a big "face". Some time later in the sky there appeared a bright "point". Then the camcorder turned off for no apparent reason. Irakli took a still camera and exposed two color photos. After 5-6 seconds the bright yellowish object disappeared.

After that the camcorder start working normally again.

Some time later, two airliners flew over, and Irakli photographed the planes too.

In the first photo we see an elongated yellowish object,  with a plasma-like appearance. On the second photo we see something round separating from the main object, and it also had a yellowish color. Near the main object on the second photo, we can see three blue round objects. We think that these objects separated from the main object, or the main object formed from the round objects, but the main object had a yellowish color and the separated objects had a blue color. Irakli didn't see the blue objects; they appeared only on the photo.