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UFO over Duseti

Nana Jvania – Dusheti, Georgia

September – Octomber, 1981.

At the time I was in 7 class.  I don’t remember the time, but I know it was September – October, 1981. I was coming back from school, and near my house I saw two old men looking at the sky. They were surprised and told me – ”Look, there's something big there”. I saw a ball-like object which was turning. Its diameter was 2-3 meters. Then its started to come down and stopped at a height of 5 meters. Then I saw that it was white and on its surface some figures were painted. There was a rhombus, a small human, and a black horse in a running pose. The object was there for about 15 minutes. After that came a half moon-like object which rose slowly, and after some minutes we saw only a small point in the sky. When I neared home I caledl mom and told her what I saw. She told me, "Several times before you arrived, I saw bright lights in the sky."