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ET in tunnel

Tamaz Bestavashvili

12 July 1989, 8:30-8:40 PM. Tbilisi, Georgia.

I was went by my car at my office. At Mtrkvari River left shore near traffic light car in front stopped. I outstrip that car and pass stop line at red color. When I drew in shore I saw policeman. I reduce speed and when I pass policeman I wasn't sure what he wasn't stop me and I looked at mirror. That time I saw what two trucks made traffic jam. I drew in tunnel alone. After little time at left side of tunnel at 20 meter from me I saw men which was dressed in white. First I think what maybe he was a drinker or criminal. I was scared such reason what I never saw anyone in tunnel before that. I reduce speed switch over the car in second speed drew a right outermost side of tunnel. When I approach at 8-10 meter he was started to turn.

I don't remember what was my speed, I stoped or not the cat, but I remember all his movements, when he pass the door, which is connect two tunnels.

His height was 180 cm and hes body's normal structure, but he has big egg-s like head. If we separate heads height in five part, his forehead will take 3/5 of heads height. 2/5 was face. He has small potato like nose and thin eyes. He don't have eyebrow, cheek and chin. Mouth was long. He also don't have a ears.

His clothes like was whole and white. How I told you I remember all his movement: When he lift left leg he bend on right side and when he lift right leg he bend on left side. That time he don't bend legs. His arms was moving little. He turn ar 180 degrees and enter in door which was connect two tunnels. That time he little bow. All time he don't move his head.

All time I don't feel scare. I have only surprised.

After that I don't remember anything.

When my sense was come back my car was standing near tunnels end. I was leaned on roads concrete and smoking cigarette. I was very excited. When I end smoking I seat in car, that time from tunnel come another cars. I have that feel 5 minute and after that I soothed.

After all what I was analyzed all I understand what all that happen in 15 minutes.

Next days I don't have any negative emotions or feels. My attitude was like that, what happen daily event.