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UFO near Gagra

This happened in 1990-91. I donít remember the date and time. I remember that it wasnít winter, and it was a warm evening. The sky was clear with no wind.

I lived on the 6th floor of a 16-story building. From my home's balcony we could see the Black Sea. From our building to the sea was 300-400 meters; between them was a tourist camp.

At about 7-8 PM, my mother was looking at the sunset and I was in my room. Then my mother called me Ė "Come here, there's something shining in the sky." At first I thought it was maybe a star or plane, but when she called out to me that the thing was moving strangely, I decided to look. When I got there, I saw a big bright object, which was hanging over the sea and made slow hesitant movements. Possibly it was elliptical, but I am not sure-- it might have been an atmospheric illusion. This continued for some seconds and suddenly it moved very quickly, made a bright blue light, and disappeared. The object left no kind of trace. I didnít understand what I saw and I thought that it was a UFO. At that time there wasnít any ufological organization in Gagra, and we forgot about the story.

Giorgi Gochaleishvili