Gombori Incident

24 May 1988 late night, north from village Sagaredjo, approximately 5-6 km far from on "Civ Gombori" mountain was destroyed wood. Destroyed place had rectangular shape and it's size was 150X2000 meter.

We have Georgian Technical Universities Professors Shota Javaxishvilis decision:

"First - on the mountains slope was destroyed wood. That place had rectangular shape and it's size was 150X2000 meter. There wasn't any natural cause which could linear destroy all kind trees on that slope! The land wasn't destroyed and there wasn't any landslide or mudslide.

Second - some experts think what that events cause maybe was a wind, but I think what that isn't true, because "that wind" was did everything "little" strange. Linear was destroyed tight line of woods, but left and right from that line trees wasn't destroyed. That also wasn't tornado, because there is mountains and all trees lie down at one direction. That's mean what wins wasn't turning how tornado.

We didn't found any tree which was displacement from his own place. Broken branch also was lied down and also wasn't displacement.

Third - some time we saw what some trees was turned. It's cause maybe was wind. If tree have more leafs at one side then another side, wind free could turn tree in it's falling time.

I think what that case must to be studied more good."


Nodar Kurdiani - Physician.

That morning, approximately at 9 o'clock, north from our house which is near village Mariamjvari, I saw strange object, which has metallic color and it was standing on the mountains top. That mountain has flat top and there was growing some trees. That object was bigger then any tree in height and it's Leigh was some. From our house to that mount is 5-6 km. Around object I didn't saw humans. I had interest, because I am living there since 1969 and I never see there any kind building objects or humans. Behind that object periodically, 2-3 minute interval I saw light. That like what behind object was mirror which was turning and reflected sun light. I was looking approximately 90 minute and I didn't saw any strange things. After that I periodically look and saw some object, but at 1 PM it wasn't there. I didn't saw objects assembling and disassembling moment. After one day that object wasn't there. I think what that object was very big and it's assembling and disassembling time must to be very big and in the such little time nobody could did it. Before that I also didn't saw any kind thing on that mountain.

Besides me that object saw my wife N. Kurdiani and her sister E. Shavdia. I didn't spoke abut that case whit village Mariamjvaris inhabitants.

Karuma Javahishvili - resident of village Zemo Kandaura

At 2-3 days after when I saw on TV Gomboris case I saw one strange thing. That evening sky was clear was weather was good. Approximately 9:30 PM, at north, mount Civi Gombori direction I saw round flying object which lighting like suns. It slowly went down and hide behind mounts. When I saw on TV destroyed wood I thought what maybe that thing destroyed wood. I saw that thing approximately 3-4 minutes. I am 53 years old and I never saw such kind thing.

Nodar Demetrashvili - Chef of Tbilhidroporgects geological sector.

24 May 1988. I was coming from Signagi in to Tbilisi. Sky was clear. When I pass village Badiauri (approximately 8 PM), at the mount Civi Gombori direction I saw long gray cloud which has 300-500 meter altitude. It's size was 200X100X50 meter. I watched and it wasn't move and slowly disappear. When I was near village Manavi I saw at some place, some size cloud. It's didn't changed his shape. It's slowly arose and stop at some altitude. After it also slowly disappeared. I interested what that event was repeated. When I was near village Tohliauri I saw one more cloud which was rising. I was drove and that place was staying behind me and I couldn't saw that cloud.