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UFO over Svaneti

In 1995 I was 17 years old and I was living in Zugdidi (Georgia). We were looking at video tapes and we continued until 3 a.m.  Our friend who has a video recorder was living on Abkazetis road. When you are going from Sokhumi, there is a big bridge.  To the north  is the Svanetis mountains.  When we were driving home we saw a truck on the bridge. It was stopped and the driver was looking at the sky. We stopped the car.  I saw very big concentric circles. I don't know if  they were turning or shining. After some time from the center of the circles coming down from the right appeared a light green colored disk.  Everything suddenly disappeared.

After several days in the "Trud" newspaper I read the first article about UFO's.

That was my first story.

In 1986 I went into the Army and I came back in 1988. When I came back I learned that my cousin had died. In the evening I was at his house and was sitting in the garden. From there I could see the Svenetis mountains. My mother called me and said to me, "Jano, look what kind of moon is that". Before that I was looking at the moon in the south but she was looking to the north.

I see a round moon sized thing that was yellowish in color. Suddenly coming down from it appeared a little red ball.  It opened the way an umbrella opens.  The colors were quickly changing from light green to yellow. The first one was just hanging there.  Next appeared a second one until there were five balls all with the same description.  After that everything just disappeared.

Jano Zvania