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UFO in Kazkstan

(Nailia Slugina)

I was born and grew up in the district of Dzambul Station "Talass". In my life I have seen UFO at different times.

First I saw a UFO on June 18, 1990. It happened at 11:30 p.m. when I, with my sister, went to the cinema which wasn't far from my house.

We were near the cinema when we saw five absolutely silent flying reddish objects. They were very far from us. They were moving chaotically over "Tectusass" mountains where there was a garden.  (After that the garden was dried up). We didn't understand what that was and went on our way. When the movie was over we went back to our home and saw the objects once more. This time there were two objects. They were closer to us. (Approximately 500 meters) They were saucer shaped. At the top it had three blinking green lights and at the bottom it had a red light. (Green lights were blinking syncronistically). We stopped in the field and started looking. They made syncronistically hard movements up and down at different phases. UFOs were flying up and down at 10-30 meter altitude. All that time they were moving in our direction and flew approximately 50-60 meters.  At that time we can see very clearly all the details. Both UFOs had same shape and were 30 meters diameter. They were black (dark) in color and have three green round windows at top (diameter approximately 1 meter) and they were blinking. In the next 15 minutes they went approximately 300 meters.  One of them stopped but the other flew in a different direction. It made some side moves, closed with the first object, and slowly united with the first object. This time the light was very bright. (All of this happened in silence.)  After that there was one lighted object. It had the same shape but it didn't have windows.  The new UFO's size was twice as big as the first. The object made a very bright cone-like light which lighted all the mountains.  After one minute the UFO turned off  its light, flew away in the direction of the city.

On the second day my aunt who was living in the city of Dzambile's VIII block, told me that on the same day at 5-6 p.m. over their street at about 4 meters altitude flew a UFO. It was the same shape and size of what I had seen but it was silver-metal color. It flew directly towards the "Tekturmass" mountain. After two days the newpaper "Znamia Truda" had an article (author Aizahmetov) about that case.

The second time I saw a UFO after 10 days. I was coming back from the cinema with my cousin. We were near our house when we saw a torpedo-like object. It had a long lighted tail. The UFO flew over one house at 5-6 meters altitude. It was very fast and disappeared in seconds.

The third case was in the summer of 1993.  At midnight I was going home and I was in the field when I saw a small transparent cloud (2-meters height and 1 meter wide) which was turning. I stopped at 5 meters from the cloud. It was turning about one minute and after that it disappeared.

Nailia Slugina 1998.