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UFO over Kiketi

Kiketi, Georgia

Between 1987 - 1990. July or August. 10:00 - 12:00 PM.

I don't remember the date, because this happened 10 years ago.

I was vacationing with my mother and brother in Kiketi. We had a big balcony and we were there when something very big flew over us. Its diameter was 30 meters and its was flying at a height of 12 meters. The object's speed was 10-20 km/h. It had a rounded shape and  different colored lights. We saw only the colored lights and nothing more.

The object made a loud motor-like noise. It was also like a humming or buzzing sound.

It was night-time, and when it flew over everything around was lit up in different colors. It was very beautiful. We were so astonished that we didn't have time to be frightened. At first we thought it was a plane or helicopter, but it's speed was only 10-20 km/h and its sound was very quiet. We didn't understand what it was.

The next day, everyone round about was talking about the object.

2-3 days later we saw two white objects in the sky. The time was between 10:00-12:00 PM. The sky was a little cloudy and the moon was rising. The objects were directly overhead and so high that I could not determine their size, but I saw very well that they were oval in shape.

My mother saw the objects first. She was sitting on the balcony with her friend and looking at the sky. She called me. I don't believe in UFOs, but these objects were flying a very strange trajectory. The trajectory was unusual, and we could see the objects for 2 hours. After that they started disappearing and in a few minutes they were completely gone. I did notice one thing - in the two hours that they were flying in the sky, they flew together.

Misha X