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UFO near Kutaisi

Demur Basheleishvili

26 February 1976 (Georgia, road between Kutaisi and Samtredia)

"On the day when I saw the UFO the sky was clear. I always carry a camera in the car.  When I saw the UFO I stopped the car and started to take photographs. I chose a better place for the camera because I wanted to make a professional photo shoot - the cadre must be all in the background. I lost some time from doing that work and started to take the photos. I had time to make three photos before a "Zaporozec" (Soviet car) stopped near me. Two men got out. I think that they also had seen that object and wanted to talk about it. One of them quickly came and asked me for my documents (Passport). I was surprised, so I questioned them. They saw that I didn't want to create trouble.  I was a simple passenger.  One of them showed me KGB Major's documents. After that I showed them my documents. Then he categorically asked me to light up to film. I told them that they don't have the right. By that time the UFO was gone. After a long conversation they went away and I saved the film. When I came back to Tbilisi I developed the film and printed the photos. I showed them to Dr. Andrei Boborov. He made his comments and we sent all the materials to Felix Zigel."

Photo taken near Kutaisi
Computer Recovered Photo
100X 100X & more contrasted Computer graphic
Dr. Andrei Bobrows Comments:

"26 February 1976, at approximately 2 p.m. (Moscow time), Demur Basheleishvili has taken photos near Kutaisi (Georgia), on color diapositive film. Unidentified object (UFO)  black point is from top 1 mm. Object's shape is irregular ellipse, and the size is 1 mm. It is horizontal with the horizon. Basheleishvili estimated the distance from the object was 3 - 5 km and its size must be 300 - 800 meter.

Basheleishvili said that the object was light and shining but the corners were white.

It is very interesting that the film under the microscope at 160X increase you can see an optical hard core and a second "cover" which is changing from the periphery decreased optical hardness.

"Cover" is in many stages and it turns different colors. Borders between stages in unequal. There is radial central structure. First the brown cover penetrates into the second green cover and it is like a halo."