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1988-89 June or July
At approximately 5 p.m.

My family and I were driving on Isan (block in Tbilisi, Georgia) at the place where the Metechi Hotel Palace is we saw many people.  They were looking at the sky. We stopped the car and were interested in what was happening. When we got out from the car we saw a disk shaped UFO which was metallic in color. It was hovering 100 - 200 meters over Mtkvari river.  The left side was reflecting the sun's light. I watched for 10 minutes. Then we got into the car and continued driving.

After 2 - 3 minutes we were near 26 Comisari Subway Station and we observed the same situation. On the square were people looking into the sky. I looked over and saw two lighted objects. One was over the other object and it was green, the second object which was underneath was a red color. Both were moving together in synchronization.  They were moving left and then right. The green object emitted yellowish circles. The circles were going the same distance from the object.  Next it disappeared. It happened again and again - it was pulsing. We continued driving and I don't know what happened next.

Levan Beridze