Edward "Billy" Meier - Contacts whit Pleiades

Zaza Edilashvili

In this article I want to broadly consider the Edward Meier case. At first I regarded the case positively, but after some time when I investigated it in more depth, I found too many strange facts.

On this occasion I will not discuss Meier's contacts, but will deal with his visual "proofs".

Let's start with photo samples, taken from the FIGU site.

In this photo we see a Pleiadian "Beam Ship", with a diameter of  7 meters. The first unusual thing is that it repeats! That is not "best" recurs. If you want to take a photo, you never take such kind recurs. Second is the uneven bend of the object's surface. (Take a good look at the enlarged picture).
There is an uneven surface in the second picture also. I think that is very strange for the kind of technology such as ET-s would have.

This is Meier's description of the craft:

Let's look at some more photos.

Now you can see that the "Space craft's" diameter isn't 7 meters. It must be around 40 cm. in diameter.

We know that photo or movie cameras don't take 3-d images; on photos, we can see only 2-d images and nobody can tell how big a UFO is on such a picture or how far away it is. There is some calculation about that picture: if UFO -is 3 meter in diameter and van about 1.7 meter, according camera focal length UFO must to be from camera about 5.6 meter and van about 17 meter. There is one problem if the UFO is about 3 meter, we can't to saw it so on the photo. There is one  explanation, what UFO-s size  (3 meter) is incorrect!

We can see what UFO is smaller on next pictures:

There we clear saw what, if  UFO is 3 meter in diameter, then tree-s top must to be 1 meter in diameter. That is very strange, because no one kind coniferous trees hasn't so big top branches. Such reason tree and UFO seems 10 time smaller then that size what are talking Meier.

There is another picture form that UFO:

There is very strange thing, what all time Meiers UFO-s are near from alone standing tree, which size must to be 10 time smaller, that size which told Meier.

I have two more photos which is proof my theory:

On that photo we seen what UFO is near one three, which name is Abies Alba. I check information about Abies Alba on Web and sew what Abies Alba is very big tree. Some time it reaches the 40 m of height for 2,30 m of diameter. According the UFO size 7 meter we know what trees diameter must to be 50 cm and top branches size 1,5-2 meter. That is also very big for tree.

There is second picture where we can saw, what trees top size is 2X2 meter. That is very strange. I have 7 picture where UFO is near Abies Alba. On all that photos we can saw what clouds in the sky is very different in each photo. That mean what  that pictures taken at long time period. Why do Meier made that pictures so long????

On that two photos is one more strange thing. In the one picture we can see an antenna like thing on the "craft's" top, but on the second picture we can't see it. Why? Maybe the pictures were edited!

I have some Meiers photos where we can see, what's look like real Abies Alba:

That trees look like real size trees. Why Meier and Semjase don't made that photos near normal size trees???? Or they can't, such reason what all that UFO's is MODELS.

Let's suppose that this isn't a space craft, but only model with a diameter of only 40 cm. In that case anyone can hang up such a model and take any kind of picture. I have one interesting picture which I found on the Internet, and which was taken from Meier's book.

Here we can see a thin line and now I understand that it is thin cable and that the thing is hanging on it. (The second picture shows increased contrast).

Let's look some at more pictures where you will see only models.

How can Meier say that this "Ship" is 7 meters in diameter!? I don't think so! :)

This picture and its analysis were shown on a UFO logical TV program.

Here are the photo analyses:
On the photos we see a UFO and a "Mirage" jet plane. Here is that craft analyzed at various different wavelengths. There we can see the "Mirage's" exhaust and an "invisible" energy from the UFO. Also a Japanese scientist said that the picture is real and it was tested at JPL. The "UFO's" diameter's 7 meters and its height 5 meters. It was 200 meter from the camera.

Ok, the picture is real, but who that the UFO isn't a model? Or who checked that a model hasn't that kind of spectral image? I don't have the kind of apparatus to experiment with the spectral analysis of models' images .

But there is one more strange thing! The Japanese scientist said that the craft's diameter is 7 meters, but in Meier's craft description it's shown as a 20 meter craft??? (See the picture).

Now I want you to see Meier's movie.  I have taken some images from the movie and made three stills. Here we can see the "UFO's" trajectory.

Here we can see that the "thing" is suspended from something. The cable's length must be 4 meters.  I want to remind you once more that on a movie or photo we can't tell the size or distance of an object!

I want to show you some more Meier's movie frames. Here we can see a UFO, suspended in air.  After some time it disappears, and after little more time we can see it again. There are two interesting things. Before it disappears,
the frame is lighted, and when the UFO show up again at the bottom of the frame, we see a black "line". The Japanese scientist said that the lighting and black "line" resulted from the UFO's.

On 28 september 1998, TV channel TNT showed the film, "KGB Secret Files". There was shown a UFO which crashed in 1968 near Berezovski, in Russia. In that program a film expert was talking about strange lighting frames. He
said that the lighting frames result from the camera's stopping and restarting.

We can see the same thing on the Meier film. There is one more interesting thing. On frame we see a twig moving in a way contrary to the UFO! I think the film is edited and that the craft is a model and nothing more. I have on
computer a very bad quality film and I couldn't make good copies. But I will soon make a better copy from video, and I will publish better pictures from that movie.

In the first frame, at the left, we see the UFO. In the second frame, the UFO has disappeared and the frame is a little lighter. In the third frame we see a black line at the frame's bottom. In the fourth frame we see that the
UFO has reappeared.

On the FIGU site I found some more interesting photos. There it was written that this is an energy craft.

I think in the first picture we see a mirror. Left from the mirror is a light and that light is reflected from the mirror in the camera's direction. In the second picture we see sun light which was reflected from something. That picture very look like a firs picture. On the photo we can to read what that is telemeter disk on the ground of Semjase-Silver-Star-Center. I think what that is funny explanation or they think what noone know photography.
In the third picture we see something lit which was turning while the camera was moved horizontally. There we clear see what camera was attached on tripod.

In this picture we see an ET, which has gun. That is very strange, that there is only the ET's "gun" and not the whole ET. There is also another strange thing. Meter was saying that the ET's height is 2.5 meters, but here we see someone of human height!

Maybe you know about the ET-s Asket and Nera, which on the photos isn't show ET and that the women are only American actresses. Meier said that he didn't know about that and that MIBs made all that. I have one question: If Meier doesn't know then who does?

Here are the pictures taken from the FIGU site:

I want to tell you that in my investigations I have encountered such kind things; people who, before their contacts with ETs, were standing Adventist or psychologically ill. They confirm different kinds of tomfoolery. Maybe I am not right, but in that case there are too many strange things.

I think about it this way: How did Meier make all that? and I think what I can to replicate what Meier did and to prove that everything is not true!

There is one more detail! On most "Beam ships" pictures we see an antenna like thing on the "craft's" top. I think that that is where Meier attaches the cable.