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1991 - UFO over TV tower

6 years ago I was in Mtacminda (Place in Tbilisi, Georgia) because people were saying that there were UFOs flying at night. I must tell you that in my family we are very positive about UFOs. My father and I very often look at the sky watching for them.   I was seated in the car, looking towards the TV tower on the mountain and looking up into the sky.

Suddenly flying out from the fir forest is a very beautiful thing: oval-shaped, and transparent; it was like a crystal and lit from within like a neon lamp but the light was blue like a neon lamp. That light didn't extend outside. It didn't have beams. It seems there should have been a "crystal tone", but there was full silence. It was hanging near the TV tower approximately 10 seconds. The sky was clear.

Next it stopped and dissolved in the sky.

Do you know how beautiful it was ??? I never will forget that!!!!

Milena Mitagvaria