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UFO over mtkvari

12 March 1990
20 Gotua St., Tbilisi, Georgia (Near Mtkvari river).

It was in February of 1990 that some neighborhood women came and told my wife and me that she had seen a UFO. She said that the first time she had been asleep but was awakened by a bright white light that was coming from the yard. She looked out and saw a bright disc shaped craft which was slowly flying in the sky. She also said that on the same day from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. she had seen the same kind of thing.

On the second morning my wife and I saw the same thing. I  live at 20 Gotua street in the front of a  9 storied building. At  6 a.m. over that building a round disc shaped thing flew up. From it were coming long light waves. It was slowly  flying up in the sky. At approximately 7 a.m. the waves decreased and the object very quickly  disappeared. On the next two mornings we saw the same thing. After that day we didn't see the craft until we saw it again on March 12.

Jumber Titmeria