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UFO near Orbeti

It was in 1991. I was in the village of Orbeti. In the night I went out with the neighbor's child. He looked sideways and told me - look at how big that light is. I told him that maybe someone turned on a big bulb but the child told me that nobody is living there.  I made analysis that there was no building and no roads in that area. Next I thought that it must be the moon. I quickly understand that it wasn't the moon because the moon was in a different location. The color of the light was dark yellow. Now I am thinking - I want to go near and see what it is. I had a very big fear. Then the child told me that he was afraid. Before that  time we didn't have any fear. Next in the UFOs border lighting it decreased and in the middle appeared a dark line. Its light started to go down and very soon it disappeared.

Besides in Tbilisi there were many interesting facts. I live near the airport and for that reason I can identify every plane at night and in the day (also military planes).

In 1996 in the summer very often I see very interesting things. In the sky strange flying lights which had no sound and had very strange trajectories. I can tell you - planes don't fly in such a way. The objects were flying in Rustavis direction or flying in different direction.