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1996 Years Miraculous winter

January 26, 1996 0:14 a.m. I saw a UFO from my window which was hovering over Saburtalo. Its height was 300 - 400 meters. It was so close that I can see it very clearly. The UFO had four big yellow lights. In between two lights were bright white blinking lights. In the middle were red blinking lights.  Shortly it began moving in the direction of the downtown. When it was close to the TV tower, it started turning (turned place stroked). What I saw is depicted on picture number two.   (Two slanting yellow big lights and one middle arrangement red blinking light.) It was flying over the TV tower and it was flying far away. In 10X50 binocular 0:20 a.m. I can see it. (It was flying in a westerly direction.)

January 30, 1996 7:00 p.m. From my window I see over the downtown area a yellow light. First I decided it was a star but in the city smoke a star couldn't have so bright a light. I took out my 10X50 binoculars and I can't believe my eyes -- before that I saw many UFO's in pictures and in videos.  I never imagined what kind of emotions seeing a real UFO would make in me. It was a mix of gladness and astonishment because it was very stale. At the time the sky was dark, but in the 10X50 binocular I can see within the city lights the lighted UFO which was slowly moving at 100-150 meters altitude. Because of the city lights lighting the night sky I can't see the UFO's top shape very well and the round top of it. (I can see from my next observation) I can see something in the UFO's top. (That object has been seen in many UFO sightings.  I decided it must be some equipment, but some UFOs can be seen without that "hat") In the first picture I see UFO in the binoculars. It has three very bright yellow lights.  After some time it was hidden by the building.

7:02 p.m. over the city I saw the same object which was moving in same direction at the same altitude. I had an impression that it was searching for something. At that time the case UFO was more far and it seemed more small (second picture). That time I can see more blinking lights.  Red and white lights were so many that I couldn't make out how many there were and what was their position. That is the reason that on the picture I painted three bright lights: three big yellow lights besides there was one upper white blinking light and two red blinking lights, that were spiraling down.  In the 7:05 p.m. sighting that object too was hidden by
the building.

February 8, 1996 8:27 p.m. At the time in Plato Nutsubidze (where I am living) was a blackout. I went out on the balcony to turn on the generator.  I overflowed the petrol and I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't work. I decided to relax and started to watch the sky. I saw a plane which was flying in the direction of the airport.  Soon it hidden over the mountain. Suddenly I see that beside "Mtacminda Mountain" flew out a very bright white light. I quickly guessed that it must to be a UFO. I took out the 10X50 binoculars and started to view its shape.  It was the same UFO that was in the 30 January sighting but its top was round. It had one very bright white light. Approximately over the hotel "Iveria" it stopped for a short time. Next the UFO continues moving. It once again stopped near the point where it was hidden over a building. That happened at 8:27 p.m. After 1-2 minutes I see the same object but this time it has two blinking red lights. This time the UFO stopped over the city for some time and at 8:32 it was hidden over a building.
February 16, 1996 8:20 p.m. Over Tbilisi I see a slow flying white yellow light. Through the 10X50 binoculars I can see the UFOs shape very well. (It was a "standard flying saucer.) It had one very bright white light and one blinking red light. It was moving very slowly over the downtown stopping two times; first time over "Mtacminda" and second time over "Rustaveli" Avenue. Before it was hidden over a building it stopped one more time.
February 16, 1996 10:07 p.m. I saw over the city a slowly moving light. In the 10X50 binoculars I could see it shape very clearly. It very slowly flew over the city and some times slowed down. The UFO had one red light and one bright yellow light. In between that light was one white blinking light. On the side it had one white blinking light.  Again the UFO was hidden behind a building.

February 23, 1996 1:05 a.m. My brother fortunately saw this object. It was already dark and electricity wasn't on. We were in bed and my brother tells me "a UFO is coming." When I looked out of the window I saw an object that was flying over "Saburtalo." I can see how the light looked like a fluorescent blinking light. That light is lit in different places.  In the darkness I can't see the objects shape but light were in three different places.  One small yellow light was at the objects back. I had an impression that the object moved in a zigzag trajectory and it was a blinking white light.  The lights were 1 in back, 3 in front, 1 on side and another forward. That is all that I remember. The object turned towards "Saburtalo" and flew over "III-d micro station." I didn't hear any sound.  It was very big --
approximately 20 - 30 meter.

Zaza Edilashvili