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20 March 1997 year: "UFO over Tbilisi"

Very interesting thing was happen on 1997 years 20 march.

"In the 20 march my relative die and I was near his home (23 Nutsubize st.). Approximately 8:25 PM I see near Lake “Lisi” lighting obgect, which lighting how searchlight at the river Mtkvari direction. I observe it during 15 minutes. It was very far and at the binocular like simple light. Object very slow moving. (First I think what that obgect was Halle bope comet, but thet happen something). Sudden that searchlight turn off and approach sutch what in the binocular I can see it’s form. It’s done lighting, but I can see its darck body. After that it’s dissapear – that time I can’t hear any voise. Besides me that penomenon can see some people."

That penomenon is more interesting, because at the 19 and 20 march there was two more cases at the Tbilisi.

March 19, 1997. I was returned at home very leit. 10:30 PM I am go out from taxi and sew red blinking light, wich lowering near TV tower. I run over at the home, but it wasn’t there. Of course if that case wasn’t continuatuion I don’t write that, but some night already 20 march 0:45 AM I saw blinking light, wich lowering at the same plase. I see it at the binocular, but I can’t see anything what was taking what it was UFO. 1-2 minutes ego I see that obgect over sity. That was some obgect wich description at the "1996 years miseraneous winter". That obgect has one small green light at the top, one small red light at the back and one blinking red light at the middle. It’s fling from “Mtacminda” “Mtkvari River” direction. UfO’s speed was very slow, but over downtoun it’s speed was slower. Its altitude was 100 meter. Some time ego it’s hide over one buliding, which is before me and sity.

From my observetions I can see one legality. At the most cases UFO was flying from “mtacminda” and its lowering over “Okrokana”. Next UFO flying over sity and stoping in some plase.  After this UFO flying and suddenly disapered. How I can see from my observation some UFO come back after 2-5 minutes. In that case UFOs trajectory are identical, but its lights are diferent. If that cese happening at the light night and in the evening you can see objects shape.