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UFO over Tbilisi: 1997 year 5, 9 September 0:30 AM

"Was 0:30 PM, when on Nort direction over big bears constelations down I see white blinking light. Firts I think what it was plane, but how I next undestand I was wrong. UFO was flying from me 1.2-Km ditantion. It hasn't any voice and I can see diferent colors lights, which was on its body. They like kvarc light and every one has different pover. Objec was little smal then plane and its leight was apr. 20 meter. It has white blinking light in the down side and at the tile has blob like light.

It's slovly fared evey and fly SouthEast direction. That time I called my whife and we bot see that object. I told her what "see that thing must turn from TV tover". I told it and it's turn 90 degrees. UFO flying over tower and get down over mount. I see it since 3 minute."

Beside that case there was one different case at the 9 September 10:30 PM over Tbilisi seemed UFO which flying from sout-east at north direction.

It seemed at the 10X binocular how two bright white lights and at the bottom it has small red blinking light. There was one strange thing I canít see where come from wnite lights. It's flying at the 500-700 meter height and hasn't any voice.