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UFO over "Electrodepo" station

That happen 1979 years 12 July 0:24 minute. I was on subway "Electrodepo" stations platform. I luck at the cloth fabric direction and astonished - from me at the 150-200 meter, over fabric was disk, which was lighting. It has 2-meter diameter. It isn't moving and has 50-75 meter altitude. It has very strange lighting. Into UFO's center (wich was 40 santimeter) very hot mass was bowling. There was mass trust out, which next spreading into disk and little changed color was disapered into disk body... It like full hot mass and like sunrise, which you can look and when it has dark pink color was pass on light pink at the edge... I see only hot disk. At the 0:25 from subway tunnel was come train. That time object was started very fast and when train was stoped its go at the "Tbilisi Sea" direction. That time it hasn't any voice.

a.j. Subway train machinist.