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UFO over Tbilisi: 1997 year 13 September

"1997 year 13 September at the morning I asleep from hard lighting. I live in the "Gldani" - first block and from my window I see tree 16 stages buildings. Over taht buldings was object which has tree or four very bright lights. It's slowly go down. I can't tell what distance was from me, but I can tell you what I aslipe whit strange feeling and I hasn't any fear.

After that I had one more strange. That was happen 4-5 years ego. Was "Mariamoba" holiday. All our family was going "Bordzomi". At the 3 PM over our car was appearing big silver "ball". It from 1 hour was moving whit us. Object was some time disapered and some time appearing. It's moving whit impulse like movement. That time it's made smoke which like candels smoke. After some time it's disapered."