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"It's flying direct our direction!"

Tbilisi - 141 secondary scools pupil Giorgi Chokolasvili.

" - At the 1994 years july I was at the vilage Ksoviri. At the 10 PM I was at the street. neighbours womens was at the front our house. There was my mother too. We are playing near them. That time I see my fatherís car, which stoped from our house at the 200-meter.

- Girogi run and see why fathers car was stoped - told me mom.

I run and my motherís sister was come too. When we come see what car wasn't working.

- Girogi see UFO. - told my mother sister.

I look over sky and see some thing whats flying our direction. I scared. I take mothers sisterís hend and both run at home. We are runing and see UFO. When we aproach home I see my mother which was scream and runing our direction. That time UFO stoped. Go over and disapered."

Lali Chokolasvili - Giorgis  Mother.

" - When Giorgi and Nona reach my husbends car, I see strange object in the sky. First I think what it was plane, but when looked more good I see what it was UFO. It's flying very fast in the stoped car direction. When Girogi and nona see it and runind, strange crafs pursue them. I scream and run theyr direction. I was very excited but I make out strange craft. It's like put  earch others saucers and it has round prominent things around its body. I don't see windows, but from prominent things come out very bright light. Object has white-silver body. When scared child run whit me, strange obgect was over us at the 15-20 meter.  That time come my sister too and scared neighbours come. UFO was in the sky aproximately one minute. Next it's go over and disaperad. I very long time come to. I had such filling what they want to kidnap my child."