Old women found Live ET!

Ural mountains, village Kashtim

That's happen in Russia in village Kashtim. Old women found dying ET on road. She thought what that was baby and take him at home. She cared and feed ET. After two weeks women begun ache and ambulance took her at the hospital. Et stayed alone and whit out care was die. I don't have information who took ET-s dead body, but 13 August 1996 in village Kashtims police department was measured that body and was recorded on VHS video tape. ET-s body's length was 21 cm. After that they took that body for science investigation, but KGB stolen body.

Very soon I will add some additional information about that case!

Zaza Edilashvili

13 Augist 1996, Kashtims police department.
Old women who found ET

Pictures from VHS tape