UFO over Tbilisi
Summer 1988-89.
There is Video from Tbilisi (Georgia). That UFO saw thousand and thousand people in Tbilisi. That time Georgian Television was recording on video Georgian singer and they fortuity recorded that film.

UFO over Tbilisi - academy.mpv 

UFO over Tbilisi - Tbilisi-1.mpg 

UFO over Tbilisi - Tbilisi-2.mpg 

UFO over Tbilisi - Tbilisi-3.mpg 


Here you can see UFO's closest Video field.

Here you can see UFO's 10 second movement. I take 69, 212 and 227 fields and compose that picture. Here we can see how UFO was moving.

In that picture you can see witness. That time all Tbilisi can to see UFO.