Russian born author is not a "professional UFO researcher" and was a strong skeptic of the UFO before this program...
The program was first time aired by TNT on September 13, 1998
The program is primary based on the rolls of films smuggled from Russia, allegedly from KGB archives, set of alleged KGB documents purchased on the "black market" for $10,000 and investigative footage in Russia.
There are also: Roger Moore, unrelated footages and incidents, interviews with various UFO experts, former undisclosed CIA agents and several mental patients.
Overall program is composed very poorly and extraordinary core footages (including two amazing alleged Soviet air force footages) and few informative interviews (KGB officer, film expert Goncharov, US Military Medical Expert) are cheaply mixed and often interrupted by very annoying flashing of unrelated US/Soviet stock footage and miserable or unrelated comments from all sorts of nuts. The camera is mostly focused on the "UFO expert" faces instead of the footage itself. No slow motions were presented. What is the point to hear from the bunch of professional believers that the footage needed "further examination"? It does not add any credibility and very boring. No "UFO experts" are needed, just facts, professional expertise and common sense.  Disgusting "abduction" interviews effectively put the whole show into an "amusement for potatoheads" category. The great investigative work of the crew in Russia was diminished by the sloppy work back in the US.

The following evaluation is solely based on the throughful examination (sometimes frame by frame) of the VCR recording of the program.
Let's focus on the TWO basic elements of the show -
A. Footage of the alleged crashed UFO near Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region) in 1968 and related alleged KGB documents. (Click for bigger images)
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(see also link to 5 stills from CSETI site)
B. Footage of autopsy of the "alien body" taken from the crash site allegedly made in Moscow in 1969 and related alleged KGB documents.
A. Footage of the alleged crashed UFO near Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region) in 1968


1.1.    Outfit - a genuine soldier's and officer's uniform of 1969. The very convincing detail is the absence of the soldier's belt buckles. The metal buckles were introduced in the Soviet Army in the late 60's.

1.1.1    Program inaccuracy: "Military expert" Robert Scholnic without any reason talked a lot about "Automat Kalashnikov" but improperly identified arm patches on the soldiers as "consistent with air-defense company". This patch is assigned to so called "Military Builders" or "Stroybat". There is still no principal contradictory, since "military builders" were always assigned for any imaginable auxiliary tasks in the Soviet Army. On this footage they are just loading debris on the truck. In fact none of the details described in this paragraph was noticed by this "expert".
          Two "civilians", allegedly KGB officers have a genuine very high quality wardrobe by 1969 Soviet standards, consistent with the high ranking position. KGB officers always were wearing plain closes.
1.2    The truck which is serving as a shooting point for some footage - undoubtedly is a military 1948 (!) model ZIS-151. This truck is the best proof of authenticity of the timing since it is not only fully decommissioned a long time ago but also very hard to find. It is important that this truck can be seen only in the few frames. Two other vehicles - are the real puzzle. They are definitely the clone of WWII Willys MB (first US military
Jeep) but have serious variations from the regular US or Soviet made Jeeps.
C L I C K ! ! !
        Another very interesting thing: Look closely at the first frames when the truck with the soldiers is approaching the scene. There are only tracks on the snow from the previously arrived jeep but not from the truck. There is also no distinctive footprints trail which occured when soldiers approached the officer. It means that the truck and soldiers were arriving for the first time and there were no rehearsals! Staging of of the whole "recovery scene" without rehearsals is impossible. Hoaxers must be extremely sophisticated to create such natural occurrence of the events. They needed to cover tracks and trails with the new snow or exclude truck's and soldier's arrival from other rehearsals for further intentional inclusion it in the "show". All events were depicted on the footage at once and were not just edited later. The position of the shadows from the trees did not changed and thus timing was subsequent with very short intervals.
1.3        The ground around the crash is not much disturbed and trees around are not all down on the alleged crash trajectory. The UFO is "small" and absolutely unimpressive. The object looks more like several white concrete panels stocked together but material is definitely not a concrete and relatively light. Two soldiers were able easily carry the long piece of debris with the size and form of two border road blocks. We do not know how a "real UFO" must look like and how it shall crash, thus shown computer animation is highly speculative.
1.4     Occupation and movement of personages:
         Everything looks very genuine. Everybody from soldiers to officers are doing the precise specific job. Cameramen are trying to depict the performance of loading some debris to the vehicle, picturing sometime specific spots, zooming back and forth and reflect the general situation. The behavior and relations between the officers and KGB representatives is quite natural. KGB representatives are only taking very limited initiative of touching the objects leading cameramen and army officers who are trying to look unconcerned with the situation. The whole picture is perfectly reflecting the policy of "just fulfilling the orders" and the absence of any emotions. Everybody is trying to perform the duty at it's best, especially in front of the cameras. It was a "joking around" slogan in the Soviet Army "Initiativa Nakazuema" which means "Initiative will be punished".
1.5    Eyewitness account. (link to 3 stills from CSETI site)
        Former KGB employee Klimchenkov Pavel Alexandrovich confirmed the existence of the operation "Sverdlovsk  Midget" in details.
1.6    Documents presented in the program.
        There are several documents presented as related to the incident:
1.6.1    Article "Berezovsky Dreams" from Sverdlovsk newspaper ("... Kuznitsa" from 11.29.68) with the account of the "flying lightning balls" (on November 26), one of which was crashed near Berezovsky.
1.6.2.    Order No. 481 from March 1969 (unclear date) on the Soviet Defense Ministry letterhead addressed to the Commander of the Air Defense Forces in the Sverdlovsk Military Region Lieutenant General A.G.Ponomarenko.
Order to assist in every way to the local KGB authorities in the operation "Sverdlovsk Midget". Signed by the Deputy of the Commander in Chief of the USSR Air Defense Forces, Colonel General S.D. Lebedev. Seal stated - General Stuff of the USSR Defense Ministry.
1.6.3.     Letter from Nov. 03, 1969 on the KGB Letterhead addressed to Deputy Chief of the Scientific Research Department KGB USSR Colonel Grigoriev A.I. Letter stated that on March 5, 1969 information was received about discovery of the unidentified object wreckage (3 meter high and 5 meter diameter) with remains of small unknown human like creature! Operation called "Sverdlovsk Midget".

         The presented documents clearly needed further authentication. From the first look these documents do not have any immediate flaws and look real. Letterheads, font types, typewriting, seals, numbers and signatures. Obviously, if it is a hoax, it is extremely advanced and a blatant one, since crooks were not afraid to forge so many high-ranking documents.

2.1.   Real footage of a real army recovery of the some irregular "non-UFO" object lately used by the crooks who created "Sverdlovsk Midget" hoax.
    Not likely.
    It is impossible to imagine the deployment of the resources depicted in the film for the recovery of the non-military object.
    The object in the film is definitely not a debris from the plane or rocket crash or space station. There were simply no such parts in any Earth made flying objects. It is obviously not an airplane part.
    Any rocket or space industry related engineer will deny that object of this shape, form and size can have any reasonable functionality in the rocket or space station. The weight of any contemporary rocket or apparatus for space exploration is the subject of the rigorous minimization. Literally, every ounce is counted. There is no place for such big, "rough" and VERY STRANGE parts unknown for the experts, even if you will speculate about some "super-top-secret" program  :). This is especially true with regard to the 1969 Soviet rockets and space crafts.
    Equally, it does not seem to be some other Soviet "non-flying" important piece of military equipment which was suddenly found in the field and then recovered by the Army together with KGB in the cameramen presents.
One may think that it was a heavy concrete cover of the ballistic missile shaft. In fact, some Soviet missile shafts were designed to blast away (side ways) their covers in the case if regular opening system (rails, etc.) would fail. The author is aware about (and even personally saw) the square cover which was bigger in size (to stand nuclear attack on the shaft). The cover potentially can be thrown by the rocket blast inside the shaft but there is no burning signs.
Even in this case the footage was done by very strange way. The personages looks puzzled and their behavior is not telling us that they know much about the object (e.g. it is visible as one officer is pulling up his hands as a sign of confusion).

2.2    It's some kind of "drill" footage that's been lately used by the crooks. It is absolutely unimaginable in the Soviet Army of the 60's to create a drill for recovery of the UFO (see also 2.4). What is the purpose -- to train two dozen soldiers? This is definitely not a common drill because there are too many efforts for documenting the event. This film also does not have any signs of it's training or educational purposes.
2.3    Non KGB hoax - shall be absolutely ruled out. The time (60's) is reflected genuinely, no faults in the uniforms or equipment (e.g. ZIS-150). The creation of such hoax is virtually impossible without the Russian Army involvement (participated army regiment "otdelenie" is absolutely genuine) and devotion of big resources.
2.4    KGB hoax - is still possible but the probability is very low. It could be imagined as "cooked" by the KGB in the Soviet period for disinformation purposes and definitely not for current sale to TNT. This version has serious flaws:
The place - between trees, absents of visible ground deformation from the crash, "miserable" appearance of the "flying saucer", absence of the "convincing details", etc. All these questionable details could be avoided in case of staging the events by the KGB. Creation of the hoax on such level (with documents from Ministry of Defense, etc., etc.) shall be approved on the very high level and seems purposeless. Really, could you imagine any PLAUSIBLE PURPOSE? There is absolutely no account from any of the known numerous KGB defectors about any KGB activities of creation the hoaxes not directly related to counter-espionage, espionage, suppression of any anti-government activities, etc.
    In 1969 existence of UFO was treated by the official Soviet science similarly to the existence of God. Creation of UFO disinformation hoax by the KGB was similar to the creation by KGB the religious artifacts. Such gambling could be dangerous for it's participants in the Soviet system, especially taking into consideration involvement of the very high-ranking military officials who signed the "fake" documents or whose signatory was forged. UFO phenomenon was not existed and/or popular and known. Such "evidence" was against party line and jokers could be thrown from the Communist Party. Exactly in 1968 central party newspaper "Pravda" /Truth/ called UFO "Pure fiction", later "Komsomol Pravda" stated that "West is using UFO to diverse worker's class attention". It was absolutely real that the same KGB will put active UFO believer into the mental institution. "Flying Saucers" were considered as a Western nonsense and were the object for political satire. Ministry of Defense and KGB were "no-nonsense" organizations at those time by all known accounts.
2.5    Real 1969 footage of the efforts for recovery of the Unidentified Flying Object.

3.     Avenues for further research:
3.1    Official request to Russian authorities.
3.2    Chemical analysis of the film for better definition of the exposure and development periods.
3.3    Authentication of the documents, and related personalities.
3.4    Search for witnesses in Berezovsky, KGB and Soviet army.

 B. Footage of autopsy of the "alien body" taken from the crash site allegedly made in Moscow in 1969 and related alleged KGB documents.


1.          AUTHENTICITY
1.1.         Outfit. No caps or masks. Not unusual situation in the USSR in 1969. Argument against "hoax", since the first thing forgers will do is to put personalities in the masks and caps to avoid identification and/or such questions.

1.2.        Interior. Nothing questionable. As depicted in the program - the same type of tiles and tables still in use in the same facilities.
1.3.        Occupation and movement of personages.
              There are three men in their 20-30's performing autopsy. All seems very amazed and depressed by the circumstances. One lady is taking notes. Further she will be identified in the report as KGB stenographer - O.A. Pshonkina. There are also two men in the army officer's uniform in the "flash frames" and one more individual in medical outfit. Obviously operating personnel are professionals. The "alien's torso" and "arm" are lying together on the operation table which shall be explained by the camera presence. Seems natural for such "unnatural" procedure.
1.4.     Documents presented in the program.
          There are several documents presented as related to this footage.
1.4.1.    Folder "Delo" No. 47397 "Materials of the Scientific Research Group 1965-1970" purchased on the black market. Top Secret stamp. Handwritten sign "Responsible person - A.I. Grigoriev. No. 329-G".
1.4.2.    Autopsy report. Doctors identified as Kamyshov, Savitsky, Gordeenko. One of them (on the right) was called "Pasha" (Russian nickname for Pavel) during autopsy and there is a Pavel Gordeenko is in the report. TNT did not shown the full letterhead of the report. It is only the name "Semashko" readable and the "Anatomy department". There was a "3rd Medical Stomatology Institute imeni Semashko" with Anatomy department, and Semashko Hospital. Report was signed "in presence of the "Deputy Decan Tolmakov and KGB representative Kravtsov. The place where procedure was performed was also called All Union Scientific Research Institute of Biology in the program.
1.4.3.    The most disturbing evidence is the DEATH CERTIFICATES of Kamyshov, Savitsky, Gordeenko issued in the different regions of Moscow . They died all on the same day March 24, 1969 (as per program one week after procedure)! The death certificates in the USSR were printed by the same printing facilities
GOSZNAK which was printing money. It is difficult to forge this document and easy to check with the record books in the three known ZAGS. The crooks must be extremely stupid trying to forge death certificates which they even do not really need to prove the case.

         The documents presented clearly need further authentication. From the first look these documents does not have any immediate flows and looks real. Letterheads, font types, typewriting, seals, numbers, signatures.

2.1.    KGB or non KGB hoax - possible and very likely if death certificates are fake.
2.2.    Real event - possible and very likely if death of three researches can be confirmed.
What is virtually impossible is that KGB will kill three doctors in 1969 just to cover the hoax and not a real event !!!
3.     Avenues for further research:
3.1    Search for the records of Drs. Kamyshov, Savitsky, Gordeenko and Tolmakov.
There are only 10 Pshonkins (KGB stenographer O.A.Pshonkina) currently listed in the Moscow telephone directory...
3.2    Chemical analysis of the film for better definition of the exposure and development periods.
3.3    Authentication of the documents, and related personalities depicted on the tape.

Producers definitely have more documents then were cited in the program.
No concrete plans for further investigation were announced.
If any related document is a fake then credibility of others is very dubious.
Here is "100% KGB" document - not from the program: Letter from the Deputy Chairman of the KGB N.A. Sham from 10.24.91 to the President of the All Union UFO Society cosmonaut P.R. Popovich:
"KGB is not involved in the systematic collection and analysis of the information regarding abnormal events (so called UFO). In the same time KGB is receiving information from organizations and citizens regarding such events. We are sending you the copies of the related materials. These materials were also sent before to CNII Mashinostroenya g. Kaliningrad by their request.
Enclosure: 124 pages, non-secret, only to addressee."

Conclusion: It is worth to "spare a penny" from NASA's $13,000,000,000 annual budget for further investigation :)
(or even dime from the planned $55 bln. manned expedition to Mars)
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          Zaza Edilashvili